Friday, January 15, 2010

Faye's Ranch run

I sold Faye a couple of years ago to Tony. She is a daughter of Nan and Imp Drift.  Tony runs her on cattle and sheep but only has run her in arena trials. Tony asked me to run Faye in a couple of trials. I have never run Faye so this would be interesting. I just got her prior to the trial, did a couple of works on her and away we went!!

 We raised Faye from a pup and had her until we sold her. She went to Scott's for training then came back. I had a chance to buy her mother Nan so then I sold Faye to Tony. Tony adores her and they are a good team.

This is the trial on Jan 10 at Whidbey Island.
click on the pixs for a larger view

Faye's fetch. She came in a little flat but had a nice lift and straight fetch.

Nice tight turn at the post.

They went a little wide on the first leg but only for a short bit, then lined out nice, hit the panel, ahd a tight turn. Faye was listening very well to me.

You can see the first drive panel at the left side of the photo. The cross drive was up the hill and not straight, but about a 15 degree drive off and up the hill. Then you had to so a pull through the fetch panels. I was very pleased on how well her drive went.

Faye did a great pen. She sorts all the time so is well versed in this part.

I am very happy with her run. We won the Ranch Class. I called Tony after the trial and he was very happy. Faye will be running in Ranch and PN at the next trial and then goes back to Tony.  As she has matured, she has turned into a really nice dog. She is a lot easier than her mother but runs a lot like her too. I look forward to running her again.

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