Saturday, January 2, 2010

Tom Turkey RIP

Today marks a sad day at the farm. Any poultry that land here will die of old age. It's much better to be a bird than a ram lamb!! We have hens that are over 6 years old and still going. We have 5 generations of ducks who were born here.

Tom was a turkey that we acquired. He was friendly to me but very protective of his pasture to others. He loved to strut around and show his stuff. He loved to be fed and was the "Boss Poultry" at the farm. I got along with Tom just fine. Tess loved to herd Tom about much to his dismay!!

Janet was not fond of Tom as he really to chase her about. But she learned that if she brought Tess or Scott in the pasture then he wouldn't bug here. For Christmas, he gave her four tail feathers.

Tom passed away this morning. He had a full life and enjoyed being the boss. He died in his sleep, on his roost where he oversaw the farm. We will miss that ole Tom, well maybe some more than others.

May you boss around others in the big pasture in the sky.


gvmama said...

Tom was the first turkey Yoko and Jet have ever seen. Jet was glad (well, maybe I wouldn't go that far) LOL to have had the chance to work Tom. Bye Bye Tom turkey.

gvmama said...

P.S. I have a Tom turkey feather in my trailer. :0)

jewlsgwa said...

Tom was such a gorgeous bird! I'll never forget him struting his stuff my friend Meagan.

Sorry for your lost

Janet said...

Tom was quite a character and lived a rich life. I am not embarrased to admit that I am the victim of a turkey attack - that bird sincerely had it out for me!