Saturday, January 30, 2010

Two Llama update

Our two new Llamas finally have settled in. We renamed Wendy to Tina. Actually, Janet came up with that name. So Crystal and Tina have made themselves at home. They are quite friendly and love their grain.  Crystal, the dark face one, is very curious. She has to check out everything. If you are in the pasture, she has to check you out in case you might have food. Tina is more reserved but warming up.

We hope that they will settle into their sheep guarding duties and take care of the flock.

We are working sheep in the round pen. Tina and Crystal are watching. They are very interested! When the dogs went into the round pen, they both hissed and made faces.

The ewes have learned to hang out near the Llamas. So far, it is looking good. They will stamp and hiss if a dog goes near them.  Kodi is retiring so he will need a back up. Kodi and the Llamas are fine with each other. Emmy, the senior Arabian, finally has accepted the Llamas. So far so good. We will keep you posted when the lambs arrive and the Llamas get introduced to their new charges.

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Monique said...

So Janet is a fan of Napoelon Dynamite? :)