Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Shedding with red

I've been busy of late and have had a lot going on. I'll blog later on all of that stuff!!

Today's blog is shedding with red...aka Roo. I went to work Roo on the 40 wild sheep that my neighbor, Nayab got last month.

First of all, the peanut galley must attend. Gallo heard that Roo was appearing so he hauled to watch the show.

Ever see a llama gallop?

Gallo is in place to watch now. He is fascinated when the dogs work the sheep. He is especially fascinated by Roo. Don't ask me why?

A nice steady fetch. Roo has been working great for me. Nice and soft, and listening well.

Look, a nice walk up than a run up!!

Setting up for the shed and just called him in.

He came right into the head of the sheep.

Flanking off to the side as I asked him.

click on the pixs for a larger view

Roo has been great at shedding (Thanks to Scott Glen who taught him). Roo has been a joy to shed with, although sometimes he does scare the sheep by being so bold. But he is a willing partner and does as I ask of him. These sheep hardly have been shed and they are not people friendly at all. And they are super, super light. The Suffolk ewes love to turn on the dog if they think it is weak. They run at full speed away from Roo.

Meanwhile Gallo is off to the side, chewing his cud and watching this with great interest. After we were done, he galloped to his sheep and snorted at Roo as he want past him.

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