Wednesday, April 30, 2008

...just an update....

Well, I was going to post my students scores but not all of them gave them to me so here is what I know

Kathleen and Emma: started sheep, qualified
Tony and Faye: started sheep, qualified and started cattle, qualified
Nancy and Jack and Blaze: started sheep, qualified
Courtney and Logan: started sheep, qualified

Not everyone one did all the runs for the weekend...some just did Sunday runs.

But looking on how Kathleen, Nancy, Courtney and Tony did.....they handled their dogs well, the stock was under control and it was very quiet and controlled. Yes, no run was perfect so everyone needs to fix what was broken and remember what good they did.

heck, I screwed up the worse this weekend by stepping over the handlers list which is a MAJOR BOO BOO...

A few months ago, Emma, Jack and Logan were puppies and at 17 months old, they were running at a trial and they did well....most of the problems were puppy type of stuff and lack of miles...nothing really bad.

I am very proud of my students as they did well and they should be proud of what they did. Some of the people they beat had been running for YEARS!!

Keep up the good work as it showed

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