Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Shiro....sad news

Last week Shiro went downhill fast. On Tuesday, when I came home, she was flat on her tummy and could not walk. I carried her into the house and took care of her. She seemed to get a little better so we waited until morning.

The next morning she was not better, could not walk, all of her legs just collapsed under her so I took her to the vet

She has major bone spurs on a good portion of her back and the nerve bundle at the end of her tail bone are damaged as well as her hips. She is on Tramadol and Metacam.

After a couple of days, we saw an improvement and Jeff told me to go to the sheepdog trial and he would watch her and if anything happened he would call me. Shiro is his dog and he wanted to spend time alone with her. I spent time during the week with her. At the trial, I worried all weekend about her but my good friend Karen Mahoney kept my spirits up.

This week....

Now, she can walk a few steps before collapsing. Her appetite is on and off. You can see the oldness in her eyes.

Her time is limited. My tears are not.

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tazzywa said...

I'm sorry to hear about Shiro, losing a dog like her is losing a piece of your heart. I heard you're laid up from a horse accident - Hope you're healing well!