Monday, April 7, 2008

Clun Forest Sheep

Yearling.... with Callie (older ewe) to the right. Callie is my special pet who loves to be petted and hand fed and follows me around. She is retired and a nanny to the lambs. She is a great mom and loves to show off her babies.

Yearling ewes

Granny's daughter....what a typical head of a Clun should look like

People ask what breed of sheep I raise. I mainly raise Clun Forest sheep. They are very hardy and easy keepers, great mothers and great to work dogs on. They usually have twins and within minutes the lambs are up and nursing. They are very personable sheep and some have become pets over the years. One ewe, Granny, had 5 generations on the farm.

Here is the Clun Breeders site:

They Clun Associations does not show their sheep as they are preserving the sheep for what it was orginally intended for....I am impressed with my Cluns!!

Some of the lambs....

just born.....

one week old...

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