Sunday, April 20, 2008

"Metchosin 2003"

Metchosin 2003
I found some old pixs and decided to put them on the blog. Here is Tess running in Open at Metchosin in 2003....that was 5 yrs ago and she was a 5 yr old. Hard to believe that she will be 10 years old in a few months but times sure flies. In her mind, she thinks she is still a younging!!

"Where are the sheep....up yonder on the hill next to the tree"

See the big tree and the people underneath it? That is where the sheep's up a very steep hill. And as usual, Tess is doing the fast fetch....get those ewes moving.

We are turning the post. Notice how far she has to be off the sheep?

See the break in the white fence in the background?

The sheep are running to escape there. Needless to say, Tess caught up to them and did the drive well. The first drive panel are almost at the top of the hill. The draw is to the treeline and the sheep will run into the forest and if they did that, you were DQ.

Tess is a doll at the pen. You jsut stand there and she will put them in. Here she is telling me to shut the "dang gate". The ewes are facing her and she backed them in.

OK, I finally closed the gate. Now off to the shedding ring.

Putting the sheep into the shedding ring. I got them settled and she got the shed. Tess can read my mind and make me look good on the trial field

Then we went to the beach to play in the surf.

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