Sunday, April 6, 2008

Anson, Kael and Rainey update

It's been a while since I wrote about Anson, Kael and Rainey. Today they got weighed, Anson and Kael at 25 lbs and Rainey at 22 lbs. Rainey was one of the runts in the litter and she is still smaller than her brothers but she is quite stocky. All the pups take after Scotty in build and large square heads. I would have thought Rainey would have had a dainty dish face like Tess but she has her father's square head...not too feminine at all.

Anson is the clown...he is the happy-go lucky puppy that wants to please. His nose still is quite long and with his white head it even looks longer. His cold blue eye rimmed with black is quite stunning on his broad white head. He still has a cast of gray to his coat.

Kael looks like Tess but in a masculine version. Thin, narrow white stripe, matching white legs and toes and eyes that melt your soul. His eyes are amberish and look down into your soul. He is far more serious than Anson and he is looking about to see what he can rummage up and steal. He loves to throw himself in your lap so be prepared and remove hot liquids from your hands when he does that. Can you tell that *maybe* I spilled my coffee when he threw himself on my lap?

Now the runt is Rainey. She is one of the two runts in the litter but is now catching up to her brothers. Her height maybe smaller but she is built like a linebacker now. Just three pounds lighter than her brothers, she makes up for it with her *Princess attitude*. She is Jeff's dog and sleeps in his lap, get his food and helps him critique American Idol as well as cheering for any LSU games.

Rainey has decided she is *mommy's little helper"....I turn the pups and dogs loose in the pond pasture and they play while I feed the sheep in the stalls. I use Tess to push the ewes off the feeders and sometimes I will grab a lamb to check it out, band it or hold it. Tess will lay in the stall or move the ewes as needed. Rainey has taken upon herself to help me in these chores. She will lay next to Tess and mimic each move that Tess does.....she will not rush the sheep but lie next to Tess. If I flank Tess to move an ewe, then Rainey is next to her. Rainey has learned to be calm and quiet in the stall. She will even walk with me as I go around the stall. She is not afraid and will listen to me as I recall her or tell her to sit. I see her brain clicking, figuring out what to do. She is very workman like in her attitude.

Each puppy in the same in some ways but wildly different in will be very fun to start each one and see the progression. Having people handle them several times a week for the last five months has made them bold, outgoing and people friendly. They see people and it's all about "me, me, me...pick me up so I can kiss your face!!"

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