Saturday, April 5, 2008

Rest in Peace, Libbi


Libbi and pups and one orphan lamb

A few yrs later with one pup and another orphan lamb

Libbi working ducks in an arean trial...she usuaslly won!!

Libbi taught me a lot. I got her as a 2 yr old, many, many yr ago. She was raised in a kennel and really only got to see sheep a couple of times but was loved and then I got her. She was a fine dog, very trusty, thoughtful and had a huge heart. She loved all babies, whether it be her own puppies, someone else's puppies, kittens and orphans lambs. Each year she raised orphan lambs (I would bottle fed and she would do the other duties) and when she had pups she would rasie the lambs in the same box with her pups. Sheloved being a housedog and cuddling next to you at night.

We grew up through the ranks, from Novice to Open and she won her fair share of trials. She had a gentle way with the sheep and they would move nice for her and if she was sent on a blind outrun, you just could hang out at the post and she would bring the sheep with no fuss or muss.

She went to work on the cut blocks in Canada one yr....moving 1600 sheep on the mountains and then drove them to market at the end of the season. She never quit and did a great job, thus showing her true testimony to her heritage.

After I retired Libbi, she then helped a 13 yr old hander the ropes on the trial field and won a trial or two for them and then she retired to a person who got her own sheep flock and was well loved, Through Libbi, she had helped us on our path to become better handlers and people in life....her kindness towards babies was wonderful and her gentle nature with anyone brought a smile to your face.

Libbi, we will all miss you and you live through your sons and daughters and who is Lucy, a red and white image of you in spirit and love.

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