Thursday, April 24, 2008

Kudos to Kodi

Kodiak.....7.5 yrs old

Victoria and Kodi (they grew up together)

Kudos to Kodi on a job well done. The Coyotes came prowling and yipping about and he went OFF as in barking and then went galloping off into the bushes. A few minutes later, no coyotes yipping and Kodi came back pretty smug with himself.
Next time I see Kodi..... he is laying in the stall while lambs climb all over him...a far cry from a few minutes before where he was all set to kill a coyote.
Kodiak's resume
  • Coyote killer
  • Lamb babysitter
  • Handy white dog to pet in pasture
  • Loud Announcer when people drive up
  • Sandwich and coffee mug thief (oh, that probably shouldn't be in here?)
  • Savior of sheep flock when barn burned down in 2006
  • Awarded "Service dog Award" for OUTSTANDING LIVESTOCK GUARDIAN
  • Will walk on leash for treats
  • Loved by the family at DeltaBluez

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