Sunday, June 23, 2013

Whidbey Island Open results and my Sunday runs

Nothing fancy. Had less than stellar internet service so this is it. Just got home and uploaded this for you.
Maid ran first and was on the muscle. She was too hard on the sheep so we never could settle them. The drive was spectacular in the way we took some extra jaunts on the course. Got the pen by backing the ewes in and she had the sheep scared in the shed and we never got it. She was far better the day before. She left her "down" today in the trailer.
Nan ran well but she had two sheep that did not want to set. I stopped her at the top and gave the sheep tons of room but two were high headed and wanted back to setout. We took our time and worked them down to the post and it was slow and holding the runners in the group.
One large brown ewe was crazy and tried to go right, then left but Nan blocked her. We had a nice turn, then the ewe took off with a buddy at a dead run, leaving her two other buddies nestled next to my hip. Nan took after them but they had run past the first drive panel and she turned them back and we joined the two normal ewes. for the rest of the drives, the two tried to bolt up and down all during the drive,  wanting to be with their other buddies. No rhyme or reason either. We had a nice last leg and got to the mouth when I stopped the ewes and Nan  and then let everyone settle. The ewe bolted. She ran up the same path to the first drive panel and we got her back. We got everyone settled again and I put Nan further back and I eased off. She ran back to the first drive panel and I could hear the judge say  that ewe has the path figured out. The ewe had no intention of being on the course. After the third runway it took Nan a lot longer as she had to work her back from the first panel, then the ewe bolted towards  to the exhaust and we began to work her back but you could see the ewe had no intentions of coming back so we walked. Nan worked her heart out and even though we didn't get a score, I was happy with her huge heart and try.
I will post the Nursery tomorrow as well the rest of the classes. The Novice, ranch, and PN will run tomorrow. I am not sure about Nursery.
Saturday Scores

Sunday Scores

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