Friday, June 21, 2013

Maid's second run at Turner

Maid and I have been really clicking  as a team. She gives me the look when she thinks she can ewe do better when the sheep are busting or being bad, so I trust her to tuck in the wayward ewe in with the others and she trusts me when I need her to do something that she  thinks should be done her way. Such as when we have to do a reverse panel on the drive. She will look up at me with a surprise on her face but put her head down and do it. before she would fight me on this but now, she tries to please. As a results our runs have been a lot better and most of the issues are my timing...or lack there of!
In the second run, she cast out nice and two ewe started to come down the field while the third had her nose buried in the bucket. I stopped Maid and she turned to the holdout, then I shut my mouth and let her lift the ewe. She weaved back and forth, then the first two began to wander, so I flanked her to tuck then back, then let her work on bucket face, She took her time and was thoughtful and soon bucket face, popped her head out and ran to her buddies.
I let her set the pace down the field once I got her slow down and only gave her tiny flanks to hold the line.

I told her to Lie and she stood still until the ewe got back online. Very calm and quiet.

The ewes wanted so badly to run to the exhaust but Maid held her line. She was very calm and being so good.

I just love these walk up pixs.

Then I noticed her flashing tag light was on....oops, sorry Scott!!

Nice pen then to the Cross. She has this figured out which is good as the only time she ever see the cross is at the trial. Holding steady on her side.

Then she walks them through. She got the other side of the cross and got 85 points, just 3 less than the two dogs who tied for first.
After her run...I try to give the dogs a pat for their efforts. She ran well and is a joy to run.

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