Saturday, June 29, 2013

Eweful Acres Saturday

Internet still spotty.  Nan ran at 5th spot. Went out well and nice outwork. The drive was a box drive with four set of panels. The second and third was a U turn around a tree with panel on each side. we went in the worn side but corrected but that cost us. Can out high, then got back on line. The sheep had no interest in going into the pen and were super sticky to the people. I went to the mouth and they trotted to me so then I scooted out of the way and Nan put them in. Very hard to shed. We got two to drop their heads and I angled them then called Nan through. She came in like a bolt of lightning and got a perfect shed. She got 77.
Maid ran late in the day when it was terribly hot. The sheep did not want to move but she made them go at a good clip. They had their heads buried in the bucket so I let her lift them, a little wobble but we got them online. Nice drive and at the tree one ewe slipped pas one panel. Missed the last panel by inches but a nice last leg. Excellent pen and shed. She got 74. It was hot so I really soaked her down. She was pleased with her efforts. Nan got 7th and Maid got 10th.

I am having a hard time uploading the  copy of the scores so you will have to wait until I get home.

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