Thursday, June 20, 2013

Nan's second run at Turner

Nan's second run was in the heat of the day. I took her down to the river to cool her off before her run but she was hot. part of it had to do was that she was so amped to go. So I sent her and she ran like a bat out of hell for her outrun. The ewes were happily munching hay and were none too pleased about leaving their afternoon snack to go for a walk. But she persuaded them and nice lift and straight line.
Holding the line
She is fast and has taught me that I have once chance at a correct command as she will take it at a dead run.

She had to turn them around this cone/ We stood about ten feet behind it. It wasn't easy and you had to be precise otherwise the sheep would blow past you. We had a nice turn, then she had a sweet drive and got all the panels.  We made the pen and then off to the Maltese Cross again.

She held her side and we snuck then in for the first half. And she put them through for the second part and made it  look easy. Nan was pretty darn perfect running for me and took every command like a champion. She is a champion in my book.
She tied for first place but lost on her outwork. She won Overall Open, over the two trials and won a beautiful print by Vicki Close. I will have to post a pic of it later as I left it in Janet's car and she still has it. Love that Nan!

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