Sunday, June 9, 2013

Really, Sarah....a mouse in my lap?

Sarah loves to bring me gifts. Her gifts are mice, shrews, mole, rats and sparrows. Personally I prefer large sums of cash or gold nuggets. She used to put them in my chair in the barn and for the longest time, I never looked down when I would sit in my chair. The semi-live rat that I sat on sure cured me of not looking. Most of the times, I fold up the chairs so she can't put her gift in it.
But Sarah loves canned kitty food. When she would bring me rats and mice, I would give her a can and toss the rodent away. She now will bring her gifts to the front porch. Yesterday, she was squalling at the front door so I opened it and she rushed in. I should have paid attention. I sat down and started to watch TV. She jumped in my lap and got comfy. Then I noticed the mouse in my lap and leapt up in the air, thus tossing Sarah and her gift to me on the floor. I am sure I screamed like a baby. You think I would learn by now, but this happens time and time again! 
She made sure, as you can see by this video, that she wanted me to see she was a great huntress.  I finally got her hint, got her canned kitty food and tossed the mouse. Now when she is at the screen door and is squalling, I look to see what is in her mouth.

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pam said...

Lucky cat. Our dogs usually want part of the action. ;)