Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Nan at the Turner Trial

So onward to the saga of fun times at the Turner Trial. Janet picked me up on Friday evening and away we went.  Rainey’s nose was out of joint as she was left behind. Maid and Nan happily leaped into the rig and waved bye-bye to Rainey!  No traffic issues until we hit Portland, then four lanes into one lane and major slow-up! But we prevailed and powered down to the Double Tree. They gave us the fourth floor which was simply wonderful to haul gear, dogs, etc to the fourth floor.  NOT!!!  Apparently they forgot to read their notes about us wanting a ground floor. Do I think they care? Probably not!  The bed was very comfortable, according to Nan, since she took the middle half and I was squished to one side. We woke up to this bright yellow orb that was staring us in the face and had no idea what it was. I quickly whipped out my iPhone and it claimed it was a “sun” 
What is that? I am used to rain, cloud and 48 degrees. But I did manage to pack a couple of shirts that didn’t have long sleeves or wool as the base layer. We got a quick breakfast at MacDonald’s, a short walk from the hotel and a grandmother was quick to try to run us over. She got the wrong order for her grandchild and felt the need to burn rubber on the road and just missed us. Wow, I hope your wrong order so was worth almost hitting two people on the sidewalk. Too add insult to her injury, we managed to get in the line before her and our meals took a bit while she cooled her heels. She was not a pleasant person either.
We got our meals and off we went to the trial and got there in plenty of time. Open was first, then PN, then the second runs of Open and PN.  The sheep were fat, good looking hair sheep that were a real pleasure to run. Some of the nicest hair sheep to work. You had an outrun, lift, fetch, drive, pen and a two part Maltese Cross. Nan went out nicely and kept them on line.
Holding the pressure on the fetch from the exhaust

Pearly whites

Nice turn and she had to keep off them to make the first panel. They wanted to bust back to the setout which was along the crossdrive and very close but she kept them online. We had them lined up for the second panel but they skimmed.

The sheep liked to be near the people at the pen so I used this to my advantage and stood near the moth, then stepped out as the sheep crowded next to me. Nan had to lean on them to get them in but she did.

The Maltese Cross was tough and they had no intentions of going in but we took out time and snaked them in as they wanted to hover next to you. You could not cross over the cross line to help them go in so it took a bit of maneuvering but we tucked them in. You had to get two of the four in and they had to go straight through. If they went out the side, it was a redo. We got all four through and had them halfway through the second part when time ran out. We probably needed 3 more seconds. Nan ran well and got first place.

Tomorrow, the rest of the runs.
 Open 1:
1. Diane Pagel & Nan = 85
2. Lora Withnell & Bella = 71
3. Lora Withnell & Nell = 71
4. Sue MacDonald & Jan = 71
5. Laura Vishoot & Tucker = 69
6. Diane Pagel & Maid = 65
7. Monique Feyercilde & Lucy = 65
8. Carol Higgins & Hickory = 64
9. Ian Caldicott & Maxie = 59
10. Laura Vishoot & Brynn = 59
11. George MacDonald & Nap = 59
12. Julie Roeter & Jade = RT 

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