Monday, November 5, 2012

Stella and her two LGD Pups

I gave Stella and her two pup and stuffed Teddy Bear to play with on Sunday night. I believe they need something to play with and it helps them blow off steam and not chase sheep. When they destroy the toy, I get them another.  When Stella  sees the toy, she gets all excited. I gave her this and she acted like a puppy again. Later she finally let her puppies carry it off but when they went to sleep, she snuck it away from them. By tomorrow, I think she will have pulled all the stuffing out. I remove the eyes and nose so they won't swallow the hard plastic. Stella's favorite toy is a plastic water bottle inside a stuff toy.

A happy LGD is a good LGD. Stella, Heidi and Bear are very happy.

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