Saturday, November 17, 2012

Alta-Pete June picks a winner for the caption contest

Well, I was out of town so Tess couldn't pick a winner. Luckily for you, June's mom stepped in and picked a winner.  It was a tough role for Jennifier Glen and she stood up to the challenge.  We appreciate she took on the role as there were a lot of great captions.

Laura Carson said... "That awkward moment when you realize you've dropped the soap."
Please go to this form, fill it out with your info so I can send you a sheep/border collie prize.
Here are the other submitted captions.

Canines 'N Ewe

Ewe can wait

Ok it's ewe's turn

Are ewe serious?


Kelpie and Collie

Push off ewes, there's only room for one bitch in this tub!


Bob brown

I just want a drink, so don't go cutting your eyes at me!



You really should have cleaned up before the trial!


Meg Nicklas

Can't a girl have a bath with a little privacy without all of ewe me?

Hold the clock. I call, "Time out!"


Clear Cut

"HEY! Get your own margarita!"



"So, how does that eye thing work from in there?"


Scribo Ergo Sum

Hey buddy, I drink out of that...


Dangerous Dreams Farm

What happens when sheepdogs rearrange their priorities.

What's the magic word?

Sheepdogs Gone Wild: Spring Break at the Ranch.


Laura Carson

That awkward moment when you realize you've dropped the soap.

Keep it movin'! Nothin' to see here!


Charlie Ellis

Cooling break! Then back to business ewes!

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