Friday, November 16, 2012

Bye-Bye, Bear

Well, Bear went to his new farm. He will be the guardian of Dwarf goats and chickens. Amy was so happy to get him and as she left, he was snuggled in her arms.

But before he left, I took some last photos. Now Heidi is the only pup left and will soon help her mom guard the sheep. In the meantime, she is enjoying hanging out with the sheep, getting stuffed toys to play with and raw bones to chew. The ewes have shown her to respect her and she follows them very quietly. The lambs have stood up to her and they like her. They all pal around.

All the pups used to fit in this bin. Now Bear and Heidi barely fit in it. Bear is to the right. He is a smooth coat and Heidi is a rough coat.

Now since I haven't given them any bones, they are losing interest in me.

So much in fact, they went to sleep.

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