Saturday, January 21, 2012

Winter NOT Wonderland

Well, we got hit with with a heavy snow storm (for us) and had over 8 inches. That was that bad in itself but the ice storm that followed on the heels was the troublemaker. It rained and it was two inches thick. Trees snapped like toothpicks. Our willow tree fell down and took out the pond pasture fence and missed the hay shed. Numerous other trees snapped and were all over our driveway, like broken soldiers after a battle. The little hill out of our driveway was coated with a thick sheet of ice as the creek over flowed the ban and poured down the driveway making it a slick ice rink.

Over 300,000 people lost power and we lost power on Thursday night and we are still out of power. They say it should be back on next week. We hooked up the generator (we have two) and can watch TV, check our email, have the fridge and freezer still on. For heat, the propane fireplace is working overtime. We are lucky we have heat and generator power. Our propane stove works so we can have hot meals.  We are out of water also.

I do remember one outage when the propane fireplace did not work and we had no generator. It was quite awful, cold and just miserable. The next week, Getty got a big generator. I also have my smaller generator from the trailer as back up. We are lucky in that regards. We are good with food and certainly haven't missed a meal. The roads to town has been a nightmare and it finally is drivable. Of course, Getty "got volunteered" to take the truck so the horses in the other field would get fed. He can drive in the snow, while I flounder like a beached whale. He also cut up the downed trees so the road is drivable.

The power is out in town and they were told next week. The town is a small town with five restaurants, one gas station, one grocery store and hardware storm. The restaurants are using generators to run so they are offering the basics for food. Getty and his band were suppose to play at Pete's but had to cancel,

The snow is hard and crusty and your foot breaks through and you have to tug to get it out. The sheep are huddled in the barn and the LGDs are curled in little balls of fur. The Border Collie run merrily and bark in happiness. I toss them snowballs and they are having a grand time. Emmy, the older Arab, got her new Christmas blanket and is quite happy., She normally manages to remove her blanket with 12 hours but she must be cold as she is not making any effort to rub it off. She is happy to have it on, I believe. even the standoffish llamas welcome me as I tote them their grain and alfalfa. Stella, the new LGD pup, has settled in quite well with her flock and is accepted as part of them. A few of the older ewes lay next to her and I remember when they were lambs and Kodi nurtured them and let them sleep on his back.

Emmy and her new blanket. She is 27 years old and needs a little help.

After the snow melts, we are expecting major flooding.  We can handle that as we have a canoe, fishing poles and life vests. You have to find some humor in something!

People have asked how we are faring and aside from power being out and not able to take a shower for two days, we are fine. we will have to fix fence, cut more trees but so far, no major damage. If anything else changes, I will post it. Other folks are less fortunate than we are and I hope their lives get back to normal soon.

Tess, Nan, Maid and Rainey are really enjoying the cuddle time on the couch and bed.  Having them on the bed sure keeps it warmer and Rainey snuggles next to me so I am warm. She also claims part of the pillow for her head so I guess that is a fair trade. Maid keeps my feet warm when I am on the couch so no frosty toes for me Again, I am going to credit her tow-warming training to Scott. I didn't know Maid was to talented.
NOTE: As of noon, the power came back on. We are experiencing severe windstorms now.

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