Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Snow Dog Nana

Did you know that L&M Nana was named after the female dog "Nana" in the  "SNOW DOGS" movie? I didn't know that until recently. She also has several other nicknames such as Nana-Banana and Beautiful. The nickname that she will leap out of her dog bed is "Treat" or "Cookie. Come to think of it, all of the girls have that same response!

Nan was the last dog that I took photos in the snow. By this time, the light had disappeared and it was not very good for photos. They all came out dark so I did some touch up but they are not my best.

 It was snowing quite heavily so it was hard to focus.

Nan give me her all when  she works. I love her for it.

 The innocent sheep enjoying the hay.

Nan comes up hard and strong, with her teeth clacking so the sheep really respond to that. 

I love working Nan. She keeps me on my toes. She wears her heart on her sleeve for me. She is talented and quick to learn. Plus she has a super goofy side to her when off the stock. She loves to play and jump about.  We have come a long way in the 4.5 years that I have owned her. Ironically, she is the first dog to bark if a stranger comes to the house. When I was recovering from the heart surgery, she stepped into the role of protector. She is very brave on chasing the bunnies off the front lawn.  After she chases the bunnies off, she comes back to me, eyes happy, tailed  wagging and with a big grin, glad that she protected me so well. I praise her and she is ecstatic.

She takes her role as my Open dog very seriously and I enjoy running her. She is like a fast, souped up race car so I have to apply the brakes and maneuver with finesse. Sometimes I over steer and it is painfully obviously. Now once, I get her on the line to drive, I keep my mouth shut so I don't over steer and it has paid off.

I enjoyed working her in the snow and after it was done, she got a raw beef bones for her efforts. She was quite pleased with that and I was quite pleased with her big heart.

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charlene straw said...

ahhh well done Nan. it sounds like you are very lucky to have her. its always handy to have a dog to keep the rabbits off the lawn too :)
lots of love charlene and storm