Friday, January 20, 2012

A Leopard was after my sheep

I saw a leopard going after my sheep and I had to take photos. Then I discovered it was just Rainey wearing a leopard coat.  I was so relieved!  We have had cougars going after our lambs this year so when I spied this "Leopard" I was really worried.

Of course, you have to be the fashion plate in a leopard coat.

And you have to be cute, too!!

You want to strike fear in the hearts of the sheep.

 It didn't work as the sheep laughed at her.

So poor Rainey had to show them she was the boss leopard.

They got the hint.

Suddenly, Rainey did the leopard charge!

The sheep began to listen to her. 

Some believed more than the others!

And that is the story of the Leopard who was after my sheep.

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