Sunday, January 22, 2012

The Old in the Snow

I was working Maid and heard a screaming banshee and then realized it was Tess. She was running up and down the fence line, shrieking and then tried to jump the gate. Finally, I relented and took her in for some winter herding. First thing she did was an out trot, then brought the sheep down at a a dead run, not listening to my downs. It felt like old times. She finally stopped when she realized that I was close enough to re-enforce it! This really reminded me of the old times.
She had to wear her winter coat. She doesn't care for it and made ugly faces when I first put it on. She probably doesn't really need it as she is no longer the lean, mean fighting machine but the food enhanced babe!
The old and wise face. Hard to believe she is 13.5 years old.

She got to drive. Amazingly, she took every command, aside from her downs, which meant to her, barely slow down, then speed up again! She was having fun so I let her. It was good to see her smile again!

Whew, let's get the ewes moving now.

She got out of the out-trot to a full run.

Look,  she stopped.

I just like this touches me.

One last run before quitting time. However, she had to work on the second sessions later in the afternoon, and after it was all done, she settled on the couch for a quick afternoon snooze. It was a great winter day in the snow for the old dog.

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gvmama said...

Lovely snow shots Diane. I especially like the first photo of Tess.