Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Old Film of sheepdog trials in the UK from 1920 and on

Old Videos from the 1920 and on of sheepdog trials. Click on the text and it will display the videos.


L/S of rolling countryside, in a field is a large square enclosure, spectators crowd around the perimeter to watch horse riding trials. C/U of a Collie dog herding three sheep around an obstacle


Group of shepherds and their sheep dogs - border collies. There is one woman shepherdess. Hyde Park, London.


Panning shot along a row of men, one woman and a young boy, they all have their Collie dogs sitting obediantly at their sides. M/S of a group of men; some sit, others stand, a couple of Collie dogs sit in front - they look like they are posing for a group photograph. C/U of a little boy holding the leads of two Terrier-type dogs.

L/S of a Collie dog herding a small flock of sheep around a field. M/S of a crowd of spectators in a field, in the foreground a farmer holds the collar of a dog; he loosens his grip and the dog races off. Various shots of the dog crawling close to the ground, chasing the sheep around a field, nearby the farmer gives instructions and points his walking stick at the dog.


Sheep Dog Trials in Cardiff, Wales.

C/Us of people watching competition, some look through binoculars and eat or smoke pipes while they watch. C/U of sheep dog watching from stand with men. General view of small crowd in stand.

C/U of sheepdog on field. M/Ss of dogs with their masters, sniffing out each other (the dogs, not the masters). Several shots of men and their sheep dogs in action, with men whistling and dogs encouraging sheep into pens. Good studies of sheep dogs in action during the trials, although most shots are quite light and L/S.

C/U as Ivor Jones pats his two dogs. L/S as master and dog encourage sheep into pen - successful master pats the dog. L/S as the trials continue.

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