Monday, January 23, 2012

Stella, the newest addition.

Welcome to Stella. She is the newest addition to the farm. She is 3/4 Anatolian and 1/4 Great Pyr. Her parents are LGD on a goat and sheep farm. She is six months old. We are VERY impressed on how fast she bonded with her sheep as well that she sticks close to them.

She really has an active interest in what is happening in her pasture. She goes on full alert mode quickly.

She has a kind face and a very sweet personality.

Keeping an eye on the Border Collie that is working her sheep. 

Still worried. 

Nan is like, "Don't bug me, kid. I have work to do." Stella was checking Nan out as she was working her flock

I really like her. She is very attentive to her sheep and is found usually in the middle of them. The flock took to her rather quickly and they all snuggled with each other. She saw a Bald Eagle and kept a close eye on him. Then saw a coyote in the field next to her flock and went between her sheep and the coyote. She still is young but has all the good qualities that I like. We need a couple of LGD to protect our sheep. Kodi is 11.5 years old and retired and Glock is taking his place. Stella rounds out the LGD team and we are very thankful to Josh Farmer for this exception dog. He still has two of her sisters available and If I didn't have Kodi and Glock, I would snatch one of her sisters. If you are interested in one, please email me.

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