Thursday, January 19, 2012

Snow Maid

Well it snowed and then snowed some more. I took this time to take some pixs of the dogs in the snow. The lighting was horrible so this is the best that I could do. We had fun working the sheep. Tess, Nan, Rainey and Maid got two turns.  The youg pups will get a shot at it soon as I was froze by the time I got done with the trial dogs.

Maid waiting...I love the bird dog pose.

Go....and so she did!

Working and I have trying to keep her off the butts of the sheep, hence only one pix of her and the sheep up close. She did great on listenning.

 All four off the floor.

Look Scott and Jen, I got her to walk up. Like slowly!

Bird dog pose, again.

Serious working dog.

Stella, the new LGD and Maid met for the first time

Maid is not too sure about her.

But soon warmed up.

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