Thursday, December 15, 2011

Scottie Haiku - update

Here are the entries so far for thee Haiku contest. You still have time to enter as the deadline is Dec 17th. The original blog is here.

The Haikus are amazing. Such a talent group of writers. I am sure glad that tess is going to do the pick than me. Keep them coming!

Some dogs look pretty
Border Collie works his sheep
Same from ages past
~Karen (Terrecar)

Some dogs look pretty
Border Collie works his sheep
Same from ages past
~Karen (Terrecar)

Wooly scot with horn
Wooly tied with ribbon worn
Wooly blackface girl
~Bob Brown

Festive wooly sheep
Wears a bow for holidays
Warm in winter coat
~Karen (Terrecar)

Come bye, and away,
Working Scotties in the morning,
That'll do, good dog.

Look, smug scotty ewe
That tricked my young dog
You be a pie soon.
~ Tea- T Yamamoto

gibbous golden shine
blackness and a curving horn
rain-soaked cloud below
~ geonni banner

Scottie, oh Scottie,
why pink ribbon on your head?
Annoyance abounds.
~ Siriusly K-9

Scottie never meant
to become laughing stock of
DeltaBluez Haiku.

Would rather be held
in place by DeltaBluez Tess
than playing dress up.

lol plenty
this can not be the end y'all
There's too much to say

I couldn't resist
and sorrow of all sorrows
I could continue

Take a bow and leave.
My Haiku becomes silly.
Point taken and more.
~Lynnette (KelliePup)

Scottie pretty Scottie
where the heck is doggy
hanging from bow
~ Ewenique Border Collies

Tinseled wooly plaits
Ribbon-orange adorned blackface
Golden eyes beckon

Paws twitch, run in sleep
Little yips escape your lips
Dream my heart dog, dream
~ bn_here_b4

All I want is sleep
Not a border collie creep
The job is over
~Agile Seek

Wool plays in the breeze
It flirts beyond all the trees
Black face so divine
~Agile Seek

Rugged, rough and wild
Delightful, and full of style
The bow on my head
~Agile Seek

Scottie you are cute
You have a red bow to boot
What pretty green eyes
~Agile Seek

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pam said...

Adding another one:

Queen of the flock stands

Spying the dog down the field

Much to cute for this.