Monday, December 5, 2011

One Hundred Sheep - Part One of Two

On Sunday, Janet and I went to help Josh's sheep who is down the road. He has around 100 sheep and they are not dog broke. In fact, most of them have never seen a Border Collie. Wayne Seward took these lovely photos for us.

Josh was very kind in letting us work the flock to move them from one pasture to another.  They were not easy to work and would break all over the pasture. Or downright challenge the dogs. However they were used to Josh as he halter broke some of them. He also had quite a few llamas which were the official guardians of the sheep so we had to work around them. if the dog got near them, they would charge the sheep.

Janet took Scott who is quite retired, around 12 or so. I took Rainey and it was her first exposure to these type of sheep. I left Nan home as she broke a toenail and was lame. Maid took a break as her turn will be later this week.

The dogs had to push and not back down.

 They stood up to the dog every chance they could get. Janet and Scott are getting the stragglers.

 These guys tried to make a break for it. Rainey is holding her ground.

Father and Daughter. Rainey in front.

Tag Team. 

The flock tried to break back.  It took a bit of time to get them all settled to being moved by the dogs.

Now we have them against the fence. We will begin the drive along the fence line to the right, on a tiny path next to muddy marsh to get to the other field. I stood next to Rainey and it helped her confidence.

One ewe tried to break away and she went to stop it. She had to work hard as the ewe ran over her but she got her turned. Quite a few of the ewes would break off and run away and the dogs had to work hard to bring them back. while they were doing that, then other parts of the flock would slip away. we had to work hard to keep everyone gathered together but we got it.

The Border Cheviots loved to challenge Rainey. 

 Finally we got them going in the right direction and respecting the dogs.

 Holding the pressure along the fence line.

Rainey holding the side so they won't slip away and I am going behind to move them forward.

Janet got behind the sheep to push and Rainey and I took the side. You can see the black ewe in the background going along the tiny path. We had to move the sheep down the path and it was pretty much single file.

Waiting for the sheep to go down the path and holding the side still. That Cheviot still is challenging Rainey.

 Then we have the old and slow ten year old. She took a bit of patience.

 Having Rainey push the last bit of the flock down the path.

 At the new pasture.

Part Two tomorrow.


Janet said...

I loved this exercise. Thanks for inviting me out. Scott really loved those sheep. Thanks for helping me figure out what I needed to do and where I needed to be during this; it was a lot harder than I thought it would be!

gvmama said...

Fun Fun Fun!

Karen said...

The speed limit sign made me laugh:)
I'm guessing most of the sheep stayed under that limit!