Thursday, December 29, 2011

Go Kelpie Go

At the last trial, Liz stepped up and helped me quite a bit. She took pixs of my dogs during their runs and chatted with with me. She helped everyone out with odds and ends and in the end we all voted her, "our hero".

She runs a sweet Kelpie named Crick. Very talented and stock savvy.

At the post.

Still at the post. They just moved the sheep up and were still fussing with them.

Did I mention she was patient?

This was a Ranch run. Crick cast out wide and deep and then came in square at the top for a nice lift. He really rated his stock well.

 The turn at the post. Liz was very patient and they had a nice tight turn.

Start of the drive.

Look at the intensity.

The last part of the drive. As you can see it was a nice, quiet controlled run. We all cheered for her. Way to go, Liz.....and Crick!

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Ewenique Border Collies said...

Wow very nice I would be interested to find out how he's bred. Nice looking boy
Kelpies rock!