Tuesday, December 6, 2011

One Hundred Sheep - Part Two of Two

We moved the sheep to the new pasture. Then I had Rainey put the flock into the corner and hold them. Several times, a ewe would charge at her but she held her ground. Some tried to bolt but she tucked them in. It was a good exercise for her and by the end she was quite confident.

These great photos are by Wayne Seward.

Each ewe would eye her and try to size her up.

 The Border Cheviots were especially tough. One ewe loved to challenge her again and again.

 Rainey holding fast and she never backed down.

This is the tough cookie that loved to take a run at Rainey. By the end, she decided to behave. They have never seen a dog before.

 Rainey holding the line and thinking. I am not sure about what though.

 This was the one step forward and one step back routine.

Josh, the flock owner. He was kind enough to let us work his flock. He also rents out goats for brush control. I will do a blog on him on that business shortly. His sheep are in fantastic shape. I really appreciate that we were able to train out dogs on the undogged sheep. They were certainly a real challenge!


Tony, the Katahdin ram, meets Rainey

He has the two Suffolks quite tame. They are nice and very square. Probably the best Suffolks that I have ever seen.

 Josh halter breaks his sheep. This one took only a few hours. She is very tame.

Looking at Rainey! 

Not only this ewe was built like a rock, she was very colorful. 

I love the color of this ewe. 

Mutton busting! 

Many colors on a dull winter day. 

Holding them tight on the fence. The sheep began to yield to her. 

And that was the end of the 100 sheep exercise.


gvmama said...

Are you sure Tony isn't part moose?

Donna Brinkworth said...

Just beautiful! I love seeing all those sheep and the colours. What a great experience for your dogs!