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Dec 10 Trial Wrap-up

I will do my trial wrap up soon and post videos. Here is the wrap-up from Sue MacDonald. Thanks to George and Sue for hosting a wonderful trial.


All I can say is WOW! Lot's of first today, but I'll get to that soon!

First thank you to our judge Ian Caldicott, doing a great job. And to ALL the folks that did set out and scribed and a special thank you to Jeanne Boudrieau for helping me sort out the score sheets! Without ALL of you, we couldn't host these trials FOR you. As usual, you finished off all the lunch stuff, good job! Kathleen Torkelson, thanks for the extra sweeties you brought. They were absolutely delicious!

Weather was perfect this morning, got a little damp, but not bad in the afternoon. Some highlights of the day, last team out in open, won the day, congratulations to Donna Donahue and Kate. Congratulations to Jeanne Boudrieau and Moses for their win in Pro Novice! Woo Hoo!

Congratulations to Sue MacDonald and Avie for winning the nursery class and to Bonnie Block and Bob for their 3rd place in nursery, their first ever trip on a big course! Nice job!

AND to Jane Hickman and Rachel and Heidi Hanson for their 1st and 2nd places in ranch. Great job, both of you! And since we are still talking about first's, congratulations to Kathleen Torkelson and Josh on their big win in novice.

So on to the placings of the day.

Open course was pretty straight forward, left hand drive, but with a small twist on the last leg of the drive. There was a Y chute placed half way between the last drive gate and the shed ring, The chute was to be taken as a pen and had to be completed before you could move on to the shed ring. Three sheep were run, so a single was done at the end.
100 points possible and 20 teams to the post, 7 1/2 minutes to do it in.

1. Donna Donahue and Kate 4-0-3-12-0-2 79
2. Bob Hickman and Trooper 2-0-3-8-6-8 73
3. Jim Cooper and Zot 0-0-7-14-0-10 69 nice job without the single!
4. Bob Hickman and CBK Mojo 0-0-5-13-6-10 66 ditto!
5. Diane Pagel and Maid 4-1-7-17-5-3 63 not bad considering she's had this dog for about a month!
6. Jim Cooper and Sweep 2-1-3-14-10-10 60
7. Diane Pagel and Nan 1-0-9-20-0-0 60 first dog on the field for the day.
8. Jeanne Boudrieau and Rocky 6-3-6-11-6-10 58 Good job Jeanne!
9. Sue MacDonald and Jan 1-1-5-18-9-10 56 what the heck happened to my drive??? Could it be handler error? Yep!!
10. Gael Gann and Chili 0-1-6-20-10-10 53
11. Bonnie Block and Gull 1-3-8-20-9-10 49
12. Tim Ballard and Nell 9-3-6-22-1-10 49
13. JB Brick and Scamp 0-1-19-21-4-10 45
14. Jim Cooper and Amos 1-2-16-12-1-10 44
15. Judy Norris and Glee 2-2-17-25-0-10 44
16. Hope Harris and Tigr 0-3-6-30-10-10 41
17. Sue MacDonald and Jackie 2-6-16-24-1-10 41
18. T Yamamoto and Sweep The Broom 5-3-14-28-10-10 40
19. Donna Donahue and Taff 0-1-6-16- RT
20. George MacDonald and Nap 2-9- DQ Three sheep George, three sheep.

No course changing since we had all the courses set up on the field.  But we did have shorter drives, threw out the chute and had them do a pen. 19 teams to the post, 90 points possible and 5 minutes to get it done.

1. Jeanne Boudrieau and Moses!! 0-1-4-9-0 76
2. Wrong flank Bob Hickman and CBK Ryder 0-0-2-20-2 66
3. Sue MacDonald and Avie (owned by Susan Risner) 0-0-4-24-0 62
4. Judy Norris and Kasey 0-3-13-18-0 56
5. Kathleen Torkelson and Emma 3-2-3-24-2 56
6. Fran Macpherson and Mirk 3-1-11-18-3 54 Fran gets the longest haul award. 11 hours to get here!
7. Cindy Baker and Brill 12-0-8-20-0 50
8. Nora Linbo and Joe 4-1-5-21-10 49
9. Vicki Romero and Skye 1-1-13-26-0 49
10. Fran Macpherson and OK Jud 16-5-9-13-0 47
11. Kathleen Torkelson and Gael 2-2-17-24-0 45
12. Diane Pagel and Rainey 8-5-14-14-5 44
13. Vicki Romero and Blitz 9-8-11-21-0 41
14. Diane Pagel and Sava 3-1-10-30-10 36
15. Ron Fischer and Steve 1-1-13-30-10 35
16. Dave Larson and Denali 1-2-15-30-10 32
17. Nora Linbo and Nick 3-3-15-30-10 29
18. JB Brick and Dodge 8-2-15-30-10 25
19. Cindy Baker and Finn 0-0- oops! DQ

Nursery ran on the same course as Pro Novice. 5 teams to the post same time same points possible.

1. Sue MacDonald and Avie (owned by Susan Risner) 1-2-3-15-10 59
2. Ron Green and Kiki 2-3-8-20-0 57
3. Bonnie Block and Bob 10-4-5-14-1 56
4. Ron Green and Chavo 2-1-6-30-10 41
5. Ron Green and Vande 19-RT

Ranch teams up next, with a shortened outrun, and shortened drives. Drives worth 20 points so 80 points possible. Right hand drive, which caused some problems for some since all the other classes ran left. 4 minutes to finish. 8 teams to then post.

1. Jane Hickman and Rachel 2-3-6-13-0 57 Great job Jane!
2. Heidi Hanson and Bruce 6-3-15-3-2 51 Nice job Heidi!
3. Kendall Houghland and Charm 2-2-7-18-6 45
4. Bonnie Block and Bob 9-1-8-10-10 42 Looks just like his daddy...
5. Alison Deilke and Socks 19-9-16-RT
6. Dave Larson and Raven 10-5-13-18-4 30
7. T Yamamoto and Taw 10-7-12-28-10 23
8. Liz Stenning and Crick Big oops! DQ

Right into Novice Novice with no drives, 60 points possible 3 minutes to get the job done!

1. Kathleen Torkelson and Josh 5-2-1-2 50
2. Pam Robinson and Ginger 5-0-7-0 48 Woo Hoo!
3. Susan Risner and Nevi 2-1-8-2 47 with a frozen body and brain Susan said
4. Missy Burnett and Maddie 12-3-3-2 40 you're doing alright. Missy! Hang in there!

So there you have it! The last of the MacDonald's winter trials. Thank you all for your support, we enjoyed having you all join us. Now our girls (sheep) can have a months break before lambing begins!

Happy holidays and see you all soon at a trial down the road!

Sue and George

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