Monday, March 29, 2010

Sweep the Broom

Recently we had a practice day with a bunch of my friends. Sue and George MacDonald, Bonnie Block, Janet Thorpe, Tea and Ben Kercsmar. We all worked our dogs. I worked my new dog Taff and that was a blast. He is just like Nan but in male form. He is very devoted to me. Bonnie brought Gull who is a twin of Taff (not related). They are great bookeends since they look so similiar. George brought Nap who did some fantastic outruns. Sue brought Jackie (daughter of  Tess x Pleat) and they are teaming quite well. She also brought the beautiful tri-coloured Jan. Janet brought Scott who is Mr. Reliable. Ben brought Hoot, his new pup and Nick, the handsome hunk.

And of course, Tea brought along her Sweep the Broom

Tea, sheep and Sue.

Sue giving a lesson to Tea. Sue is great with working with folks and I highly recommend going to her. She got me going in this sport by making me take a lesson from Scott, letting Tess and I run in her trial over 11 years ago (and didn't laugh at us), and giving me lessons and advice over the years. You can NOT find a truer people than Sue and George. They are simply wonderful.

Off we go!!

Quick turn.

OK, I guess I wil lie down.
Gathering the sheep and casting out nicely.

By the end of the lesson, he was casting out wide and rating well. Very nice dog and a wonderful lesson by Sue. Tea had a great time and we hope to see her back again soon.

On a side note, Tea makes the best Goat Cheese in the world.

photos by Bonnie Block


Tea- T Yamamoto said...

You guys are all so great! Thanks for all the help and encouragement!!


G. M. Atwater said...

Lookin' good there, Sweep the Terrible Broom! :-) Brother Nick says Hi!

Thanks for sharing this, Diane. You have a great blog, and it's fun to see my Nick's brother doing his thing. :-)
Cheers ~