Sunday, March 14, 2010

Llama Wrangling

As you saw in the prior blog, we sheared three llamas. They were not easy to catch. I was not one of the llama wranglers!! I was the photographer!

Be sure not to have a drink when you read this blog. It's quite funny!

First, you must have Kodi as an observer. Then add Tony and Ali as the Llama wranglers. Now add, an unwilling Llama. Put all in a a small corral. Watch them run around. Laugh!!

So far, after five minutes add another Llama Wrangler.  Ron rounded up the crew. I guess these guys needed to work off the lunch pizza they just ate.

OK, they had to corner her and catch her with a rope. I was having too much fun laughing at this!! They finally got her!!

Kodi was also laughing with me. We needed a good laugh. Thanks to the "Llama Wranglers" for the good time.

And here is a Llama getting the new haircut!! Constance the shearer, amy and Janet holding the Llama head up. They didn't get to see the sideshow. ;-(

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