Saturday, March 13, 2010

Sunday Sheep Shearing

LAst Sunday was Sheep Shearing Day. We have it set up quite well now. Everyone has a job so it is like an assembly line. This year we also did Nayab's flock so our numbers doubled. We got started at 8:30 and done by was long but we did it. I really appreciate the wonderful crew that shows up to help.

The Wool Gather Crew.  Sylvia and Sharyn.  They gathered all of the sheep and llama wool. We also sheared Kodi and they took the dog hair. Sharyn will be doing knitting from the wool.

Eifion and me. Got to get the picture of the cute shearer from Wales.

Tony, the sheep wrangler. Here he is moving one of the lambs out of the barn into the pasture. The lamb did not get sheared but relocated. Tony owns Faye, who is a daughter of Nan.

Audrey, the vet. She is ONE of the nicest person in the world. She owns Dan and Kael, both sons of Tess. She spoils them rotten!! And they are so darn cute. Oh, yes, great working dogs too!

Monique, Audrey, Courtney and Kathleen.  Some of the best people that I have as friends. Courtney is learning how to give shots. We hope she will become a vet.

I was going to do hooves but Monique booted me out of that role. I was the filler in person. That was good of her to do that as my shoulder was really hurting and it would have messed it up even more. As it was, Monique got blisters from trimming the hooves. I so owe her for that!! She is *good people*

The Tilt Table Crew. 

Ron, Monique, Nayab (in the back), Audrey, Courtney and Kathleen. Ron and Monique did hooves. Nayab did ear tags on his sheep. Audrey and Courtney did shots. Kathleen ran the tilt table and held the sheep down. With everyone doing one job, the sheep would be done quickly.

View from the outside.  Kathleen holding the lamb down and  Monique and Nancy doing hooves

Ali or Tony  would grab the sheep in the stall and hand it to Eifion. Eifion would shear it nand had it to Ben who put it in the Tilt Table. The Tilt Table crew would do their job and then release the sheep into the pasture. We had several flocks so we had to rotate sheep from one field to another.

Kathleen, Monique, Nancy, Ron and Courtney all got to work their dogs in various roles during this. It was real farm work and all the dogs did great. Tess and Nan took the day off and hung out in the house with the Pizza Chef, Getty.
Lest, we forget. Eifion the shearer He sheared a sheep in 2 minutes.

Look how quick he is.

Almost done.

We did over 80 sheep, 3 llamas and one Livestock Guardian Dog. It was a busy day but fun.

Thanks to Ben, Ali, Nayab, Audrey Kathleen, Nancy, Courtney, Ron, Monique, Tony, Sharyn Sylvia, Janet, Amy and the shearers, Eifion and Constance. Also thanks to Getty for cooking the pizzas. You all are good people and I love having you in my life!

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