Friday, March 19, 2010

Later Gator

Getty moved up from the South. Those southern boys can cook a mean meal. I have gained weight since we got married. They make dinner out of anything.

Even Alligators.

Getty brought up his pet "Gator". He resides in the front yard. So far he hasn't eaten any small children or golfers. He is a bit overweight so his fatness does slow him down. Even I can outrun him.
The lambs wandered over to his side of the yard. He was very still and waited for one to approach so he could capture it.

But alas, he failed. Not only the lambs were not afraid of him but they scoffed at him. His spirit was crushed. I guess he will have to crawl back into the brush and lick his wounds and wait for some other easy mark.

Perhaps, he might be our  dinner some night? Getty says "No, since he is so old and would be tough".

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