Monday, March 15, 2010

Popcorn, Tending and Tess

This is "Popcorn.". You are probably wondering why she got the name, Popcorn? Was it because she looks like a piece of popcorn? No.

Was her sire called "Colonel Redenbacher?" No.

Janet named her "Popcorn" because she loves to jump around like popcorn. She is always bouncing about, butting her fellow lambs, causing mischief and generally being a ringleader.

On Sunday, Janet and I, along with Tess and Scott tended the sheep on the front lawn.  Scott was covering one side while Tess covered the side towards the barn.  Popcorn decided to make a break for it. Janet and I sat on the porch and watched this scene unfold.

Popcorn slowly began to slither towards the barn.

But alas, Tess was on the job and gave her the "eye." Tess asked her if she had a hall pass.

"No", Popcorn replied and slowly walked back to the flock.

"Busted", said Tess.


Janet said...

Popcorn is a sassy little devil. She likes to run with the big lambs too; she isn't interested in the little lamb games. She reminds me of the super short guys in high school who were on the wrestling team.

gvmama said...

How cute is that! Thanks for giving me a great big smile this morning. Top of the morning to you.