Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Last but not Least- Regular Corian Whistle

I love the size and fit of my plastic whistle. However, the sound from the plastic is too harsh for my dogs. Therefore, when I got my regular size Corian whistle, I was ecstatic. It is the same size as the plastic whistle. It doesn’t have the plastic taste to it and has a solid feel in the mouth.

This time, I practiced before I went out to work my dogs. This is a good idea. I didn’t practice my with my other whistle before I sued it at a trial. Although I had no problems at the trial; indeed I won with the dog that I had been struggling with since he fights me on my whistle. That time he did not. I like how it blew and the sounds were easy to make.

Armed and dangerous now, I went to work my dogs. First dog up was Tess, my senior retired dog. I had to move ewes and lambs. I cast her out and then blew short flanks. She looked up at me and slowly flanked. I blew a down and she slowly went down. I wondered why?
The last time I really worked her was on the old whistles so this was new to her. The down was much softer than she is used to hearing. I decided to work her on the locker lambs to see how it would go. Tess was happy that she got to work so was on the muscle, but gave easily to the whistle. I blew a few downs and as we went on, she fought me less and less and soon down easily. Normally with Tess, I would blow a hard down so it was nice to blow a soft down and not have her fight me.

Next dog was Nan. She is my speed demon and very reactive to my whistles. She is very biddable and tries hard to please me. We worked the locker lambs and it was refreshing to see her soften up too. With my old whistles, I was quick and hard with them and thus, Nan and Roo would be very tough to run sometimes. I began to notice that Nan was not leaning so hard on the sheep and seemed to enjoy herself.

Changing the tone of the whistles makes a huge difference. It doesn’t put the dogs on edge and fight with me. It’s the beginning of a new partnership with my dogs. I really love the feel of the regular Corian whistle. I really enjoy the size. It produced a sound that is not harsh. I also went to my far field, which is 550 yards and worked Roo. He took the down from about 450 yards with ease and his fetch was soft. I got a easy response from him and I tucked my regular Corian with my Maxi Corian and Titanium and am prepared for the beginning of the new trial season.

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