Saturday, March 27, 2010

The Old Days of love

Tess maybe be almost twelve years old and retired from trialing and is taking it easy. Sometimes, (well most of the time) she is on the couch and as I walk out to work sheep,  I will ask her, "Tess, wanna got and work sheep?".  She will either leap off the couch like a Cheetah after a Gazelle or roll over and go back to sleep. If there is a sport game and Getty is watching TV, she won't move as she knows she will end up in his lap and get treats.

A couple of weeks ago, I asked her if she wanted to go and she about knocked me down going out the front door. I was taking pictures of Jack, Logan, Meg and Scott and also wanted to take some of her. I just got a new 100-400 lens and was still learning how to use it. (Much thanks to Bonnie Block for getting it for me and teaching me how to use it. She has done a lot to help me improve my skills)

It was a lovely day to take photos. Here are the lambs. They are about 10 months old.

They weren't too happy about being volunteered!
Tess on the fetch. She is having a blast. As we walked out, we looked at each other and our love for each other connected. She is truly my heart dog. She has taught me so much and was a gift from God. She has a huge heart and shares it with me.

See the focus in her eyes! This was a quick, tight turn.
OK, let's do a serious walk up.
For some reason, this is one of my favorite photos of her. Her eyes show her intensity! This reminds me of the good, old days.
Doing a drive. When she drives, it's like driving a Cadillac.

Ears up. She has excellent hearing. She chooses what commands she wants to do sometimes. Look how white the hairs in her ears are now!
Coming on strong.

Holding the sheep to me. No one escapes her. She has the moves of a cutting horse.
She was enjoying working this day. First of all, she got more freedom since she is retired from trialing. So she was on the muscle and enjoying herself. I let her have fun.

She holds the draw quite well. Reads the pressure and will keep the sheep on a straight line and will not unwind her flanks. As a youngster, she would unwind her flanks but over the years, can hold any pressure point with ease. If there is a dog leg fetch, she will nail it!

She really enjoys working lambs. She calms them down.
The end.

p.s.. She got home and jumped in Getty's lap to watch the rest of a game and share his food.

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Kathy said...

Love to see the oldies, but goodies still working.

Hey, I thought you had Clun sheep, what are those lambs that have horns?