Monday, July 20, 2009

Sheep Thrillz Lap Warmer

As usual, Tess is watching the run and gives me her opinion of them. Now that she is retired, she has lots of spare time. In the winter, I really welcome her warm body on my lap.

However at this trial, the temperature was above 95 degrees. My lap was quite warm and then she had to sit in it to watch the runs. Here she is watching the first leg of a drive at the double lift.

"Oops, they missed the panel!! commented Tess. "Better luck at the crossdrive panel"

Much thanks to Bonnie Block for the lap warmer pictures. She took tons of pictures at the last four trials: Key Pen, Whidbey Island, Eweful Acres and Sheep Thrillz.

In addition, she has wonderful Bird Notecards for sale.

Please stop by her website and check it out!!

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An English Shepherd said...

Great pics, you both look very happy!

Wizz :-)