Wednesday, July 8, 2009

The New Partners

Today I worked from home. I get a lot done when I telecommute. No meetings, no people stopping by my cube and so forth. I am working on a letter that needs to get done this week. I have the dogs lie next to my feet and it is good for the soul. It’s peaceful and I really enjoy it.

Getty does the daily feedings in the morning. Today, he took Tess out to the barn. I keep typing away and soon needed a refill of coffee. I wandered out to the back deck while my coffee was heating up in the microwave.

We had just gotten the lower part of our lower pasture mowed so it is now a nice area to work the sheep. I had fastened the gate shut so the cow couldn’t get through and told Getty to open the gate so the sheep and cow could go through and eat during the day. He feeds the cow separately from the sheep since we want to fatten the cow up. He will use Tess to keep the sheep off the cow.

I don’t see anything happening so I turn to go back to the kitchen when I hear “Come Bye, Tess” and see Getty in the pasture walking to the lower gate and open it. I see Tess gather the sheep and bring them to him and he has her put them through the gate. No big deal, so far!

Then I see Getty have Tess drive them about 100 yards and hold the sheep so they can not run back to where the cow is eating. Then he has her drive them all over the pasture. Goodness, he is pretty darn good at that. Tess obeys like a champion for him and never misses a step. He goes to the right and then another way. I hear his commands so it is not random driving by Tess. The sheep try to make a break for it and he puts her in the right spot, and then drives them back out. I think he is enjoying working her.

He goes back to the barn and has Tess hold the sheep in the field and after the cow has eaten then he calls her back. She runs to him in full joy, her tail wagging like a hurricane and her butt wildly wiggling. He gives her a pet and she is in heaven.

Work calls and I grab my coffee and start typing away, happy to know that this new team is well suited for each other. I guess retirement is doing well for Tess. After all, she has a new partner.

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gvmama said...

I had a friend putting on her first trial. Making sure she had enough entries we had Wayne handle Jet. He had commands written all over his arms. Oh my what fun it was! He was a good sport and actually they made a pretty good team. Fun, hun? Suzanne