Sunday, July 5, 2009

Double Lift- not complete details....

I just pulled in at 8, been driving since 12:30 and normally a 5.5 hr drive....tons of traffic and stoppage. We are really beat and going to bed rather quickly.

So until tomorrow when I am coherent...

Lucy got 96 in the double lift. Derek had 148, Noell had 145, Ian had 96, Brian had 60 and Donna had 70? Karen, Laura and Morgan got RT or DQ and there were the rest of the handlers to run when I left. So I don't know the final placings or scores.

I'll update everything when I get more than 4 hours of sleep.

Oh, much thanks to Lora Withnell for the Starbucks coffee in the morning....she is such a goddess and also for setting!! She just rocks!!


Anonymous said...

I am so bummed that we missed most of your run, what we saw looked grand.
Derek and Noels runs where spectacular

gvmama said...

God Bless those that set-out for this trial. They were the true heros. :0)
Good going Diane and Lucy. Sorry to have missed seeing Derek! Had to get going "homeward bound."

Hillcrest Border Collies said...

We were saying the same thing about the set out crew. Those people had their work cut out for them with the heat on the "lovely" sheep.

Great to see you again Diane.