Friday, July 3, 2009

Quick Update from the Sheep Thrillz Scio trial

Well, I couldn't get logged on at the trial....they have wi-fi but it wasn't meshing with mine so tomorrow they will check it out for me. When I get back I will do a full blog but here is some tidbits to tide your over.

Thursday was the Novice and Nursery classes. I don't think anyone got the pen. The sheep were brought in and a challenge. Today was Open and Nursery. The sheep again were tough. Bev Lambert was the judge and a very nice person.

Nan was the first to go and she had a sour old ewe that didn't want to be with the other sheep and just refused to move. I sent her out and she lost only 4 points on her outrun, lift and fetch. Sourpuss, the ewe stopped at the fetch gates and Nan had to bring the other sheep back to her and they fought the rest of the way. Halfway of the first drive, the sheep and Nan got into a battle and she DQ. This is the first DQ but she needed to do that.

Lucy ran in midday and did much better than I thought. The setout people let her sheep run off to one side and she was coming up the other side so she really had to run to get them. She had a nice outrun. She got them back online and we turned the post and they wanted to run to the exhaust. We did the drive but the cross drive was wobbly and we missed the second panels. It was very hot so I had her jump in the tub several times. We got the shed and then pen but timed out in the single. She did well and it was very tough.

Temps were in the 90 or so and baking hot. They had a mister in one of the handlers tent and it was a Godsend. I am enjoying the trial. Derek is first, then Karen, Brian and Karen...although I didn't know how 2-5 placing were. I'll post that tomorrow.

More when I can get back online.

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