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MacDonalds June trial results

Written by Sue MacDonald.

THANK YOU, THANK YOU for all your help and support of our MacDonald's Ewesful Acres SDT! The folks in the Pacific Northwest are just awesome! I am so greatfull that I live here! You are all so encouraging and helpful to others, help make things go smoothly and put up with my 'odd' courses! With the flags flying, we feel the trial was a great success! We had teams from not only Washington and Oregon, but also So. California, Colorado, British Columbia and Alberta. Our judge was from Wales, so some of the world was represented.

I didn't hear any complaints so I think most all of you also had some fun!

Now was that a potluck dinner or what???!!! The food was awesome thanks to Ron and Dorothy Whiteman. You guys are the greatest!!! With the help of both their sons, daughter in law and first grandbaby, they did a fantastic job. They also cooked breakfast, lunch each day and then that unbelievable dinner... and none of them even run a dog!!! Thanks you guys. You are true friends and we owe ya!

The raffle table was full of great and wonderful things, thanks to all of you guys, but most of all to Jeanne and Suzanne! Did they come up with some great things or what??? Border Collie Rescue will be getting some much needed help from that.

And then, how do I put this... thank you to all of you for the wonderful book. Thank you to Diane for thinking of it and for all of you signing it. It will be treasured forever. We enjoy hosting trials for you and it is wonderful to know that it is appreciated. Thank you all VERY much. It was a real surprise!!!

Bob Hickman gave the speech for the book. George and Sue in the middle with the book. Me on the side because I was commanded by Mr. Hickman. (added by Diane, photo by Suzanne Anaya from Calif)

We had a few special awards to give out, one of which was a quilt made by Kathy Rivers. This quilt was presented to the top open handler/dog team that competed in all three trials (Key Pen., Whidbey Island and Ewesful Acres). They had to run in both days at all three and the team with the most points would get the quilt. It went to Diane Pagel and Tess. Congratulations to you two, and Tess enjoy your retirement! Also the WASH club presented a gift to Ruedi Birendheide for his help and support of the web site for the club. Linda DeJong was presented a gift for her diligent work at score keeping and helping me keep things straight with run orders, etc. Thanks Linda, we can't do this without you. Thanks to Barb Davenport for the use of her Barb sheep. Our sheep were VERY happy yours came to play for one day!

And a VERY big thank you to Norm and Kathy Rivers. Norm was everywhere doing everything and Kathy did a fair amount of scribing, but also did make most all of our awards. They were beautiful!

I asked Cyril if he saw any dogs that he would like to take home, and of course he did! Several actually. We have some very nice dogs in this country, and a good many of them are right here in the Northwest.

So I'm sure you all would like to know how things went....
We ran 56 open teams on Saturday June 27th there were 110 points possible.
The course was a straight fetch with a Maltese cross at the end of the fetch, the second half of the cross was the start of the drive. Full drive and then a pen with a solid back wall on it. We used Barb sheep that are not familiar to this field or these types of dogs. They were consistent and worked very well.

1. Maggi McClure WA Kep 95
2. Karen Child OR Rock 95 (ties broken on OLF)
3. Martha McHardy BC Rhaq 94
4. Diane Pagel WA Tess 91
5. Sandy Johnson WA Nan 89
6. Ken Johnson WA Joe 88
7. Karen Child OR Jim 85
8. Martha McHardy BC Ceri 83
9. Louanne Twa ALB Isla 81
10. Donna Donahue WA Kate 80
11. Brian Ricards WA Mig 80
12. Noelle Williams WA Nap 80
13. Brian Nelson BC Pleat 80
14. Laura Vishoot OR Ripley 77
15. Linda DeJong WA Charlie 76
16. Diane Pagel WA Nan 75
17. Jim Cooper WA Zot 74
18. Ian Caldicott OR Bear 73
19. Jenny Glen ALB Hemp 72
20. Geo. MacDonald WA Chris 71
21. Noelle Williams WA Gael 71
22. Laura Vishoot OR Wren 70
23. Donna Donahue WA Davy 70
24. Lisa Wright ALB Hope 69 First open run!!!
25. Karen Mohney WA Ajax 68 Love ya Karen and the Mohney boys!
26. Ruedi Birendheide BC Teak 68 NICE dog!
27. Wendy LeGare BC Towie 67
28. Heidi Hanson WA Pete 66 still my favorite boy!
29. Jenny Glen ALB Lad 66
30. Sue Wessels WA Lexy 65
31. Diane Pagel WA Lucy 64
32. Jo Ferguson OR Teak 64
33. Fran MacPherson BC Maud 64 Love ya Frannie!!!
34. Brian Nelson BC Sweep 62
35. Sue MacDonald WA Bess 61
36. Patricia Pedersen WA Jenny 60
37. Wendy LeGare BC Dee 59
38. Suzanne Anaya CA Jet 55
39. Geo. MacDonald WA Huck 54
40. Jeff Marroni WA Mick 50
41. Sue MacDonald WA Blitz 49 with no drive(which got stopped at the 2nd drive gate by a ewe protecting her lamb) or pen points. Rescue dog also
42. Jim Cooper WA Kyle 49
43. Dee Marroni WA Cap 47
44. Josie Cowan BC Tristan 45
45. Erin O'Brien WA Mick 44
46. Lora Withnell OR Sally RT
47. Bonnie Block WA Dan RT glad you are now retired so we'll see more of you on the trial field!
48. Ian Caldicott OR Joe Kidd RT
49. Sue MacDonald WA Jan RT
50. Jo Ferguson OR Jill RT
51. Lynne Green WA Kurt Rt
52. Brian Ricards WA Doc RT
53. Maggi McClure WA Lil RT
54. Bob Hickman WA Mojo RT
55. Patricia Pedersen WA Patch RT
56. Dee Marroni WA Dharma RT

Sunday's run was from a different corner of the field then the previous day. Still had the Maltese cross at the end of the fetch, but the drive was reversed and there was a shed (single) and no pen. 3 sheep, scotties and coops.


110 points possible and 55 teams to the post
1. Louanne Twa ALB Isla 92 her first win!!!! Congrats!
2. Brian Nelson BC Pleat 92 tie broken by outwork
3. Noelle Williams WA Gael 91
4. Noelle Williams WA Nap 88
5. Ruedi Birendheide BC Teak 86 way to go Ruedi and Teak!!
6. Jenny Glen ALB Lad 85 so nice to see you again!!!
7. Laura Vishoot OR Ripley 85 It was great seeing you again! See yo again soon!
8. Karen Child OR Rock 83 See you next week end!
9. Bob Hickman WA Mojo 83
10. Patricia Pedersen WA Jenny 82 Wow Patricia!! Nice one!
11. Dee Marroni WA Cap 81 last one to get points today!
12. Diane Pagel WA Tess 81
13. Brian Ricards WA Doc 80
14. Jim Cooper WA Zot 80
15. Sandy Jonson Wa Nan 79
16. Donna Donahue WA Kate 79
17. Sue MacDonald WA Blitz 79 A rescue dog!!
18. Jeff Marroni WA Mick 78 our only fall in the shed ring..... but nice try to save!!!
19. Jenny Glen ALB Hemp 77
20. Lora Withnell OR Sally 77
21. Heidi Hanson WA Pete 77
22. Jo Ferguson OR Teak 77
23. Brian Nelson BC Sweep 76
24. Martha McHardy BC Ceri 76
25. Maggi McClure WA Lil 76
26. Maggi McClure WA Kep 75
27. Jim Cooper WA Kyle 75
28. Sue Wessels WA Lexy 74
29. Lynne Green WA Kurt 73
30. Ken Johnson WA Joe 73 nice dog Ken!
31. Erin O'Brien WA Mick 72 thanks for your and Tayna's help over the week end
32. Patricia Pedersen WA Patch 71
33. Donna Donahue WA Davy 70
34. Diane Pagel WA Nan 69 rotten sheep....
35. Diane Pagel WA Lucy 67
36. Brian Ricards WA Mig 66
37. Wendy LeGare BC Towie 63
38. Lisa Wright ALB Hope 62 nice to meet you and nice job!
39. Laura Vishoot OR Wren 62
40. Jo Ferguson OR Jill 62
41. Geo. MacDonald WA Chris 60
42. Linda DeJong WA Charlie 60
43. Wendy LeGare BC Dee 58
44. Josie Cowan BC Tristan 57
45. Karen Mohney WA Ajax 55
46. Martha McHardy BC Rhaq 54
47. Fran MacPherson BC Maud 49
48. Bonnie Block WA Dan RT
49. Sue MacDonald WA sheep heelin' Bess DQ
50. Ian Caldicott OR Joe Kidd RT
51. Sue MacDonald WA speed racer Jan RT
52. Geo. MacDonald WA Huck RT
53. Ian Caldicott OR Bear RT
54. Dee Marroni WA Dharma RT
55. Karen Child OR Jim RT

Pro Novice 90 points possible 42 teams to the post
1. Karen Mohney WA Grit 81 you go girl!!!!!
2. Pamela Harding WA Caymus 80 Rescue Dog!!!!!
3. Ruedi Birendheide BC Scot 70
4. Noelle Williams WA Max 65
5. Maggi McClure WA Johnny 64
6. Jim Cooper WA Amos 63
7. Becki Maloney WA Kirby 60
8. Gael Gann WA Sweet 60
9. Karen Combs WA Buddy 55
10. Becki Maloney WA Yank 55
11. Patricia Pedersen WA Tessa 53
12. Karen Child OR Hickory 50
13. Shawn Elmore WA Fidget 47 Welcome back!!!
14. Josie Cowan BC Tib 44
15. Jeanne Beaudreau WA Rocky 43 Welcome to the world of herding!
16. Dan Williams WA Lad 43
17. Karen Mohney WA Maverick 43
18. Linda Wedbee CO Liddy 39 So nice to meet you. See you next week end!
19. Maggi McClure WA Betty Boop 39 love this dog...
20. Dallas Carbaugh WA Drift 38 one of our youngest handlers, way to go!!!!
21. Nora Linbo WA Nick 38
22. Suzanne Anaya CA Kilt 37
23. Gael Gann WA Chip 36
24. Laura Vishoot OR Drew 35
25. Jorgen Perrson OR Merckx 35
26. Linda DeJong WA Pooka 33
27. Kathy Rivers WA Mick 33 Keep it up Kathy, it's coming!!!
28. Jeff Marroni WA Carmen 31
29. Dirk Vansant WA Cap 27
30. Karen Child OR Molly 26 I like this girl Karen
31. Judy Norris WA Glee 24
32. Fran MacPherson BC Mirk RT
33. Sandy Johnson WA Troy RT
34. Sandy Johnson WA Taite RT
35. Judy Norris WA Kasey RT
36. Norm Rivers WA Scotia RT
37. Vicki Romero WA Skye RT rescue dog
38. Josie Cowan BC Ceilidh RT
39. Karen Child OR Chance RT
40. Kathleen Torkelson WA Emma RT
41. Noelle Williams WA Fly RT
42. Karen Child OR Nel RT

Ranch 80 points possible and 20 to the post
1. Kent Bradley WA Ming 75
2. Bob Hickman WA Trooper 63
3. Jorgen Perrson OR Merckx 60
4. Suzanne Anaya CA Yoko 60
5. Josie Cowan BC Tib 60
6. Dallas Carbaugh WA Drift 58
7. John Hellemand BC Annie 58 Nice to meet you and nice job!!!
8. Jeff Marroni WA Boots 57
9. Judy Norris WA Abby 56
10. Ruedi Birendheide BC Nel 56 I like her!! Rescue dog!
11. Karen Combs WA Skye 45
12. Judy Norris WA Britt 25
13. Kathleen Torkelson Wa Emma 15
14. Kent Bradley WA Crook DQ
15. Marge Strom WA Kirra RT sure started out nice!!!
16. Norm Rivers WA Lana RT
17. Josie Cowan BC Ceilidh RT
18. Fran MacPherson BC Mirk RT
19. Gael Gann WA Chile RT

Novice Novice
60 points possible and 7 teams to the post
1. Kent Bradley WA Crook 55
2. Janice Bryant WA Flo 52 How exciting! Have we got you hooked yet?
3. Kent Bradley WA Ming 40
4. John Hellemand BC Annie 39
5. Jennifer Kriegel WA Zanie 39 Looking forward to seeing you again! Another young handler!
6. Suzy Smith WA Belle RT Cattle dog
7. Karen Combs WA Tex DQ

We qualified three dogs in each run! Nice job!
Nursery 1
1. Noelle Williams WA Max 65
2. Jim Cooper WA Amos 63
3. Patricia Pedersen WA Tessa 53
4. Maggi McClure WA Gwen 50
5. Dee Marroni WA Q 49
6. Laura Vishoot OR Tucker 43
7. Becki Maloney WA Finn 43
8. Jorgen Persson OR Merckx 35
9. Linda DeJong WA Pooka 33
10. Jeff Marroni WA Carmen 31
11. Karen Child OR Chance RT
12. Kathleen Torkelson WA Emma RT
13. Noelle Williams WA Fly RT
14. Karen Child OR Nell RT

Nursery second go
1. Jorgen Perrson OR Merckx 74
2. Patricia Pedersen WA Tessa 70
3. Jeff Marroni WA Carmen 67
4. Linda DeJong WA Pooka 59
5. Jim Cooper WA Amos 58
6. Laura Vishoot OR Tucker 50
7. Maggi McClure WA Gwen 26
8. Donna Donahue WA Taff 18
9. Kathleen Torkelson WA Emma RT
10. Karen Child OR Chance RT
11. Noelle Williams WA Max RT
12. Dee Marroni WA Q RT
13. Becki Maloney WA Finn RT
14. Noelle Williams WA Fly RT
15. Karen Child OR Nell RT

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