Monday, July 6, 2009

Dotster...Oh, where are thou?

My email has been down for THREE if you tried to email me on Thursday up to Sunday afternoon, I didn't get it and you got a rejected email back. I called and emailed them and left messages and no answer back. SIGH....

Turns out there was a transformer fire in/near their data center and everyone lost service. No backup servers or maybe they were in the building also.

I finally got in touch with a customer service agent after 30 plus, close to 45 minutes on hold...not a 1-800 number but long distance. Basically they can not get my lost emails. So sorry. He had no answer of why I haven't got a call back, aside that everyone and their brother is calling them about the loss of service.

I get a bounced email about every other day and I submit it to their website and they say they will get back to me within 24 hours. I submitted 54 email bounces and got only one respond. The agent checked into this and said they answered my emails but amazingly enough, I never got any of them. He is checking into this.

In a nutshell, the bounces are generic, which means they can not do anything. I was told to call my telephone company that has my wi-fi and they were the issue. We shall see.

The last time in February, my email server went down for a day. So this is twice in 4/5 months. No looking good.

Have any of you folks been getting your email to me bounced back (aside from the the Th-Sunday fiasco)? If so, drop a comment in the comment section to me.

I sure hope that Dotster get this all worked out and we all can be happy campers again. When I first signed up with Dotster, they were excellent. I sure hope this is a small blip and not repeated.

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