Tuesday, July 23, 2013

The Fox and the Hound

....the news from Wales .......
A fox cub and a puppy have become unlikely best friends in a real life version of Disney classic The Fox and the Hound.
Rosie the 15-week-old fox cub has bonded with new pal Maddy, Lakeland Patterdale cross, after she was left abandoned when her dad killed most of her litter.
She was adopted by Maddy's owner Richard Bowler at his five acre smallholding in the Berwyn mountains near Corwen, North Wales.
Mr Bowler, 44, was formerly in the building industry but last year moved from Bedfordshire with girlfriend Helen, 41, for a change of lifestyle.
He said: "Rosie was slowly introduced to Maddy. Maddy has always been playful and it's a natural instinct for a fox cub to play so they get on great.
"They have become best of friends, although we always supervise them playing together as Rosie is still quite small. They chase each other around and Rosie often dives on Maddy; the living room is usually a wreck after they have been playing.
Best pals /Rex
"I've been amazed at how clever she is, certainly quicker to pick up things than Maddy ever was. Her recall and sitting is 100% and we're almost there with toilet training.
"It's important for Rosie to be as trained as best as we can so that she can enjoy our five-acre smallholding as freely as possible."

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