Saturday, July 20, 2013

Palm Cottage Saturday

Again, a quick wrap up as I am tired and need to go to bed. Nan ran out nice, but her sheep bolted to setout and I let her figure out how to get her sheep and she brought them down nicely. At the turn, all four stood her off and one took a charge at her so she gripped her. Nan stood her ground and didn't back off from the charging ewe, which is huge for her but it was a DQ.
Maid ran in the late afternoon in over 80 degrees and blazing hot. while I was at the post, I noticed the sheep running all over the place and the setout crew trying to stop them. The ewes kept busting into pairs and bolting and they finally settled,  to the right of the setout. Maid went out and didn't need a redirect at the gate, went through the gate and cast out nice. She had a deep lift and the sheep bolted before she get ahold of them. She listened well when I downed her, hoping the sheep would settle but that only gave them a chance to run faster. She got up to them and one set ran to the right and one ran to the left and she sweep the field back and both, trying to keep them tucked in. They refused but she did a wonderful job in keeping them semi contained. Nice turn around the post and the first leg them bolted hard and she tucked them in. She was way off and they kept running but she was good, and stayed far off so they only ran instead of bolting.  They made the first panel and had a nice cross drive, then two missed the second panel and she was hard on the turn and they scattered and two cam back through the panel. I got everyone settle and back online but the turn was wide. I stopped her near the panel and the sheep ran into the ring. I had to flank her hard to cover them and it took a bit to slow them down in the ring. She got the shed, as it was tough and the pen was hard as well. She held her position and the ewes had no intention of going into the pen but we teamed up and got them in. She marched them to the ring for the single and flew in to hold the last ewe for a wonderful single. The ewe had no idea but Maid held her ground. We got hit hard to the runaways but I was happy with her work and her score did not reflect the tremendous effort she had to put out and how well she worked with me. There was a couple of times, the she wanted to teach a runaway ewe a lesson but her common sense prevailed when I told her to stop it. I was happy with her run and her effort and she was quite pleased with her herself after the run.
More later but I was happy. Score will be posted when I get back.

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