Monday, July 22, 2013

Easy Care Sheep

WITH Anglesey this year’s Royal Welsh Show featured county Barry Alston looks at a pioneering livestock breeding programme which began on the island but has since spread its appeal far wider.

As far as Dai Evans is concerned, the annual wool clip is no longer a chore or an expensive necessity for the 2,500 ewes he and his family keep at Neuadd Fawr, a severely disadvantaged area-classified holding overlooking Talybont, near Aberystwyth.
Tempted back in 2005 to try ‘just a few ewes’, the Easy Care breed has today become the mainstay of what is a 951-hectare (2,350-acre) upland farming operation. By the end of the year they will be the only sheep breed on the farm.

Easy Care tups

Loved by those who keep the breed, and maybe scorned by some who do not, Dai certainly has no regrets about making the switch.
“The Easy Care requires minimal shepherding and veterinary care, while offering excellent meat yields and lambing returns. What else do you need?” he says.


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