Friday, July 19, 2013

Palm Cottage Quick Wrap Up

Today we ran in Open. The internet sucks at the hotel and I cannot download the scores from my iPhone. Amanda won with Dorey. Suzy Applegate was second with Dot. Sheep were tough and you had to go through a gate halfway up the outrun.
Nan had a fantastic run and timed out at the pen as I was three inches from closing it. So we lost the pen and single points and in spite of that we placed 9th out of 50 dogs. Maid ran well but fussed a little at the top, drive was wonderful but a ewe decided she was going to run to the shade. Maid told her otherwise for a DQ. It was so nice that we got the best grip award. But she ran her heart out in spite of that and did well.
More later when I have better service. Sun was hot and trial was superb as usual. Laura and Steve put all out to make this a classy and fun trial. Tomorrow I will pull out my camera for pixs.

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