Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Sunday Family Visit

It's been a while since my mom and Aunt Kimiko came to visit. so this last Sunday, they came out.  It was a sunny day and perfect for a BBQ. The girls loved the visit. First of all, they barked in joy and danced about and totally ignore my commands to go to their rugs. Mom lead them to the kitchen where she pulled out a bag of treats and fed them. Sarah the cat, heard my mom and bolted to the front door. She was promptly rewarded with FIVE cans of kitty food.
When my mom was cooking, she fed the dogs some shrimp tempura....but never fear, I got some too as a snackie. Getty made BBQ chicken. We also had crab spring rolls, homemade Japanese potato salad, and cucumber/kelp salad.  We were all stuffed by the end of dinner. The girls got the shrimp tails as well. It was good visiting my mom and Aunt.  It was a wonderful meal and great to see them.
Then off to feed the sheep, chickens, ducks and geese. The sheep remembered my mom and Aunt and ran up to the fence line at warp speed. Screaming for food. Very loudly. They got grain and alfalfa hay. The horses loved this as well.
Mom loves the Silkies and Rhode Island Reds. I keep some just for her. Let's just say the poultry were well fed as well. I gave them five dozen fresh eggs to take home. The chickens were more than happy to supply the eggs in exchange for the treats. It makes my mom very happy to feed the animals so I let her have free rein. The LGD came dashing up and instead of their usual loud park, their tails were waving in the wind and they bounced up and down in joy. They got raw bones and some chicken treats. Heidi was just a pup when she first met my Mom and Aunt Kimiko and she adores them. They used to pick her up and hold her but now, she weighs over 100 lbs and is not longer the cute, fat white fizz ball.
Afterwards we came in the house and had some cold drinks.  Rainey decided she had to be a lap puppy and curled in Aunt Kimiko's lap.  As you can see, she looks quite spoiled.  She fit perfectly In Aunt Kimiko's lap.
It was a nice visit and I love both of them dearly.

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